​Psychometric testing helps to ensure a robust process when recruiting for your business. Identifying quality candidates with the right attributes and behaviours becomes far easier; the reports offer clear and objective information to enable companies to make hiring decisions with more confidence.

Personal qualities like drive, motivation and social skills are critical success factors. Our profiling assessment DISCUS is a powerful behavioural tool that builds a profile of working behaviour that helps you choose the right people and be sure they function at their best. A deeper understanding of how each of your employees is motivated, challenged and how they adapt to change (amongst many other valuable insights), will also place employers in a stronger position to create tailored and individual growth plans for their employees - leading to increased performance and employee engagement.

DISCUS provides some of the most advanced, wide-ranging personality profile reports, with each report completely tailored to the specifics of a person’s profile.

Reports available include:

  • Enhanced personality report - 70+ page report

  • Individual feedback report - Offers a broad overview of a personality written from the candidate’s perspective, designed to give them feedback on their results.

  • Motivation report - Gives a detailed understanding of the individuals key motivators and those aspects of the role that the individual will find demotivating.

  • Team reports - Provides a detailed understanding of how individuals/employees work together and their levels of productivity.

  • Remote working report - Covers a series of remote working factors that affect individuals ability to work remotely. The report includes a number of pointers for improved productivity and discussions of scenarios particularly relevant in these kind of working conditions, with the aim that there are some detailed suggestions for helping that individual work to their full potential in a remote setting.

If you would like more information on the benefits of psychometric testing, our team are here to help! You can call and chat to Georgina Moehle on 01534 626762.

​“Our team used our DISCUS test results as a platform for an open discussion. As a result, the way we worked together improved dramatically – by understanding that we all respond to the same instruction differently, I was able to get the best out of my team by tailoring my approach for each person.”


If you would like more information on the benefits of psychometric testing, our team are here to help! Contact Georgina Moehle

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