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Getting the most from your recruitment agency

​The most successful relationships we have and where we can offer the most value are those where we have a complete understanding of the clients’ business. Provided both parties invest time to evaluate the culture, values and the type of people needed to develop your business a relationship between your business and a good recruiter is invaluable.

To sustain this relationship we encourage regular meetings to keep abreast of recruitment plans and to ensure the information we give to candidates is current. We can glean a certain amount of information from a job description and person specification, however, continued discussions with HR or line management is essential to provide a really effective service.

Rowlands prides itself on getting the right individual to your company with minimal effort required by you. The benefits of using us are multiple:

Access to candidates

We have a pool of available talent actively looking for a new position. We can match their skills with your requirements and send you a shortlist of well matched, suitable people within minutes of you placing the vacancy with us.


Preparing and drafting advertisements and liaising with publications can be time consuming and expensive. We advertise so frequently we are experts at writing copy that attracts the right people. We are happy to consider contributing to the cost of the advertisement and always absorb the setting and artwork costs. Alongside the JEP we advertise on websites and job boards as a matter of course, ensuring plenty of exposure for your role. This is all on a confidential basis so should the role have particular sensitivity around it, you do not have to resort to using an unappealing PO Box number for applicants.

Dealing with applicants

As well as dealing with the applicants you wish to interview, we can also screen them and handle the regret process. We can manage the relationship effectively, ensuring that throughout the process your company is represented in a professional timely manner. We liaise with candidates throughout so you have no paperwork, emails or phone calls to deal with.​


You’ve offered the job but the applicant wants to have reduced hours, more money or more holiday allowance. We act as the ‘go-between’ to ensure that both parties are happy. We try to pre-empt many of the questions before they happen but inevitably there are times when things arise further down the process and we endeavour to make them as smooth as possible for both parties.

Market data

What is the going rate for a particular role? What sort of candidates are there with particular skills? What sort of bonuses are people paying? We have a thorough knowledge of market rates through day to day activities. At any one time we can have vacancies with over fifty organisations and we interview new candidates every day, so our market knowledge is current and relevant.

Skills testing

How do you measure the skills an individual has? Do you rely on what they tell you? If you want more reassurance we have a raft of tests that can be used to measure a whole range of skills including typing and data entry speed and accuracy, technical IT skills, business letter writing and email etiquette. In fact, we have over 400 skills
tests available.

Like so many business relationships, communication is key and will ensure that you are getting the best value from your recruitment partner.