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The Future of Company Benefits: Trends Attracting Jersey Talent

In today’s competitive job market, companies have recognised the need to offer diverse and attractive benefits packages to attract and retain talent. 

Forward-thinking organisations are evolving their offerings to ensure they meet the changing needs and preferences of their workforce. Employees now seek more than just financial incentives; they’re looking for benefits that genuinely enhance their work life-balance and overall wellbeing.  

When we look at global companies with the most attractive benefits packages, you will see Google offering onsite wellness centres; “work from anywhere” schemes, offering a certain number of weeks remote working; and even backup childcare and on-site meals. 
GoDaddy offer adoption assistance and a stock purchase program, whilst HubSpot offer a four-week paid sabbatical, plus a bonus, for employees who have achieved five years of service. They also have a “Global Rest Week”, where employees all unplug at the same time.  

At Rowlands, we work with companies across a range of industries including financial services, legal and digital, where we have witnessed first-hand the evolution of compensation packages offered to Jersey job seekers, to meet emerging trends.  

Here, we look at the trends that Jersey job seekers are prioritising, when it comes to benefits, and how companies are responding:  

Emphasis on Work / Life Balance 

Flexible and remote working, the option to buy more holidays and even unlimited annual leave are all benefits that we have seen more frequently since Covid, and have quickly become embedded in company’s policy and benefit packages.   

Focus on Wellbeing 

Companies now offer a range of support to enhance wellbeing, from access to mental health professionals, to wellness programs, including financial wellness, additional days off to be taken as and when needed, to family planning and fertility treatment, as employees seek more than a fruit bowl in the office and the traditional healthcare schemes previously seen.  

Professional Development Opportunities 

Employees are looking for assurance of growth and development in their careers, and companies are responding by offering benefits such as tuition reimbursement, training programs, coaching, mentoring and clear pathways for advancement within the company. 

Diversity & Inclusion Initiatives  

Companies are increasingly prioritising diversity and inclusion initiatives as part of their benefits packages. This can include initiatives like diversity training programs, mentorship opportunities and support to ensure a diverse and inclusive workforce.  

This is a high-level summary of the benefits landscape in Jersey, with many more available and we are sure that there will be new initiatives to come in this everchanging market. 
These offerings are becoming more flexible and personalised to resonate with employees and their lifestyle, hence the importance of finding the right employer who can offer the right benefits to suit. 

So, if you’re interested in discussing how you can find a role that not only meets your salary expectations but offers a benefits package that can complement your lifestyle, get in touch with us today to find out more.