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Rowlands launches new service to support remote working

Specialist recruitment agency, Rowlands has launched a new service to support businesses and employees adapting to more flexible ways of working. With remote working identifying a new set of challenges for employers and individuals (supervision, engagement, motivation and productivity to name a few), Rowlands can support their clients with the use of a bespoke psychometric report that will provide clarity around the challenges and benefits for each individual of this modern working style.

Whether the future of remote working is a necessity or a means of working more flexibly, this report will provide employers with the confidence that both existing employees and those newly recruited are engaged, productive and feeling supported whilst the employee will gain a better understanding of their remote working needs, resulting in a more effective remote relationship.

Rowlands Client Services Manager, Georgina Moehle, comments: “the remote working report looks at how this style of working will affect an employee or potential employee’s focus and motivation, providing a series of suggestions for helping that person work at their full potential in a remote setting.”

This assessment allows you to really understand the different facets of what drives the participant and centres itself around eight specific factors. The eight factors represent the personality traits needed in a remote working environment and the pattern of these factors in a personality gives an immediate view of where an employee will excel when working in this environment and where they are likely to need support or guidance.

By going through this process with employees, it takes the guess work out of how to support them in this new way of working and instead offers employees a supportive environment based on an actual understanding of their specific needs, giving you both the knowledge and ability to balance this with the needs of the business.

Georgina continues, “it is vitally important to understand an employee’s needs and working process when working remotely for sustained periods of time. We’re really pleased to be offering this service to our clients and to support them through this time. Our clients’ that have already participated in the testing have found it hugely beneficial in creating a sustainable framework for flexible and remote working.”

For more information on how this new remote working assessment tool can support you as an employee or your business, please contact Georgina at Rowlands Recruitment on 01534 626762.