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New beginnings very often start with a simple conversation

  • Publish Date: Posted over 3 years ago
  • Author: Jeralie Pallot

Welcome to 2021, the year we have all looked forward to as one that we hope will bring a fresh start and a significant move towards business and social ‘normality’.   

A New Year holds so much promise; a chance to reset, consider personal goals, self-improvements and plans for family and occasions throughout the year. 

Not surprisingly, included in the list of new year plans is likely be a change to your lifestyle which may include some change relating to work or possibly a complete change of job. 

This is not unusual; you may have already seen job advertisements that in various ways encourage action (New Year, New Job, New You!) rather than a passive approach to a job or career that is not quite right for you.

These advertisements will be encouraging you to make the most of the opportunities open to you, rather than settle for more of the same and will possibly resonate with you more than ever following a turbulent year that had many people re-evaluating their priorities.  

We feel that 2021 for many of us is about new beginnings. From a work perspective there are so many possibilities that were not available this time last year; it has been proven beyond doubt that working remotely is productive, that flexibility can be the ‘norm’ and that the people strategy of a business (how employees are recruited, developed, and supported) is key to your engagement and enjoyment of your job and well-being more generally. 

If it is work related priorities you are re-evaluating; perhaps location, environment, culture or that the longer-term goals no longer excite you, Rowlands is well placed to offer support, guidance and market intelligence to help clarify your thoughts and team this up with guidance on the possibilities and opportunities open to you, in Jersey or further afield. 

New beginnings very often start with a simple conversation. If you would like to understand the job market, the new opportunities available to you and how your aspirations may be met we would welcome the chance to have a confidential exploratory conversation with you.