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Our bespoke career support service is specifically designed to support your business through redundancies.

How a business manages redundancies from both an internal and external perspective sends an important message to employees and the public – there is substantial value in making sure these situations are handled sensitively and with care.

We are experienced in advising you from as early on in the process as you require. It is often important that even the preparation stages of outplacements are handled appropriately.

When it is needed, Rowlands then offers the professional guidance and practical support tools to help employees take the next steps in a new direction. We can work with individuals or groups at a suitable location to listen and evaluate the options with them.

The services we offer are tailored to the individual and their needs, but the comprehensive offering includes (but is not limited to):

  • Working with the employee to develop a firm understanding of their transferable skills
  • Any training and development that might be beneficial
  • Researching options for a complete change in direction
  • Interview preparation and coaching.
  • CV reviews and practical advice around financial planning.

You can rest assured that on behalf of your organisation we will work towards a proactive and positive resolution for your employee(s).

If you’d like to consider any of the above services or talk through the available options in more detail, please contact Georgina Moehle at