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Rowlands Takes a Stand For a Healthy Workplace

05th November, 2015

According to research by the British Psychological Society, the average office worker spends 5 hours and 41 minutes a day sitting at their desk, which is putting a considerable strain on their health, and can increase their risk of diabetes, obesity and certain forms of cancer. Even office workers who are otherwise physically active suffer the side effects of not moving enough during the day.

To combat this, Rowlands has become a standing desk only office. The new desks have adjustable height functions, enabling the team to intersperse periods of standing and sitting. The desks will encourage more movement, preventing the health problems associated with a sedentary work environment.

Jeralie Pallot, Managing Director of Rowlands, commented:

“As we become increasingly conscious of the effect the 2015 lifestyle is having on our health, we need to explore new ways to ensure we’re moving about enough. Looking after the health of our team is our priority – and the standing desks are a new part of this. As the desks are adjustable, each member of the team can find a combination of sitting and standing that works best for them – making a positive impact on their health in the process.”

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