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What makes you feel valued in the workplace? Exploring what truly matters

  • Publish Date: Posted about 1 month ago
  • Author: Georgie Moehle

Given that we spend an estimated 2080 hours per year, a 1/3 of our life at work (!) It isn’t unreasonable to want that time to be spent feeling respected, appreciated and valued.

Not only does it improve our experience, but people who feel valued are often happier and more productive – a win win! Feeling supported and trusted in your role can mean the difference between working in a job you enjoy and one you can only tolerate. 

So, what does make us feel valued in the workplace?

Financial compensation - Do you feel your salary accurately reflects the value of your work?

While the key to happiness isn’t necessarily money, being paid fairly and aligned with the market rate is important. 

Having an outline of opportunities for progression and promotion, with an idea of earning potential, can also be very motivating. 

Beyond monetary rewards, there are other valuable benefits to take into account. These could include training opportunities, wellbeing programs, health & dental insurance and time off for personal projects or charity work. 

Acts of appreciation - When was the last time you received a ‘Thank you’?

Appreciation and gratitude can make a real positive impact in the workplace. This could look like a simple thank you from your manager or colleague. 

For those companies that haven’t adopted this direct approach, celebrating their employees through team social events, recognition awards and bonuses is also an option.

Respect - Are your thoughts and ideas being heard?

Being in an environment where your opinions and ideas are genuinely heard and where your input is valued as significant.

It’s important that there are policies and practices that promote equality and diversity at all levels of the organisation.

It’s a two-way street - What are you doing to ensure you feel valued at work?

It’s important to remember that both employer and employee have a key role to play in feeling valued at work. While a company can provide all the above and more, without a sense of self-worth these are unlikely to be fulfilling. 

Reflecting on your skills, achievements and the progress you’ve made so far can help boost this. Reading positive feedback you’ve received and considering the value you’ve brought to the company.

What makes you feel valued at work? We’d love to hear from you.

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