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Legacy and leadership - A new era for Rowlands

  • Publish Date: Posted about 1 year ago

​2023 is already shaping up to be an exciting time for recruitment partner Rowlands, not least because Jeralie Pallot, Managing Director of Rowlands since 2012, has transferred ownership to Director Georgina Moehle after nearly a decade of working alongside each other.

This move is part of the long-term legacy planning for Rowlands, which recently celebrated over 48 years of business and has grown significantly in recent years. Jeralie will remain involved in an executive capacity, providing strategic guidance, business development and supporting high-level recruitment. In terms of legacy and continuity planning, this is the ideal scenario, with both Georgina and Jeralie committed to supporting their team, their clients and most importantly, each other. But how did their partnership come about? Jeralie and Georgina describe a decade of teamwork, friendship and their plans for the future…

How long ago did you begin legacy planning and what were your main concerns?

Jeralie: The future of Rowlands was on my mind from the day I acquired the business, and this of course included legacy planning. My ideal scenario was always to pass the ownership to one of the team; to 'pay it forward' one day. I hoped that when the time came, this would represent an exciting next stage for the business and also be a smooth, positive transition for the team. I was conscious that to achieve these aims I needed to find the right successor - someone with the same values and ambition. Fast forward almost 11 years and I am delighted to say that I have everything I hoped for! I know that Georgina has fresh ideas and innovation, and because of her own history with Rowlands, she will ensure our people-focused values and professionalism continue to thrive. Rowlands has always been successful through the commitment, loyalty and enthusiasm of the people we employ.

Georgina: Very quickly after I began working at Rowlands, I knew I was hooked - I couldn’t see myself ever doing anything else and could not have been more suited to a company or industry. My role has developed during the past few years to accommodate my transition to Managing Director and Owner, and with Jeralie’s support, it has been a seamless transition. The only nervousness I have felt is knowing I have some very big shoes to fill! But that is an equally motivating factor - I have an example of what excellent female leadership looks like and I intend to live up to it.

What do you enjoy most about working together and what do you see as each other’s main strengths?

Jeralie: Georgina is a delight to work with and regardless of what is going on in the business, she can bring positive energy to a room and lift everyone's day. During lockdown, it became clear how much we rely on each other to get through difficult times. Georgina has a great sense of humour and exceptional skill in bringing fun to even less enjoyable tasks; this elevates the mood of everyone around her - she cares about her colleagues’ wellbeing. As any business manager will tell you, having someone who cares about the team and the business the way you do is unbelievably valuable. There is no doubting Georgina’s ability in terms of knowledge, professionalism and leadership skills; however, this all becomes a very potent mix when combined with her great sense of humour and genuine interest in people. Georgina has a talent for putting things into perspective quickly, providing a balanced view of each situation and making well-thought-out decisions. I greatly admire Georgina’s strengths - she has a thirst for knowledge, energy and drive. From a leadership and people perspective, I know that Rowlands will be in great hands.

Georgina: Jeralie and I have a very open, honest working relationship. We are like-minded and have similar standards – we both agree on what 'great' looks like. I have always appreciated her strong vision and belief in the company, from the quality of the staff to the way we provide services to the local community. We also have fun every day and know how to support each other when needed. Jeralie is incredibly generous with her knowledge, time and expertise - I have learned something valuable every day since I joined Rowlands. Jeralie is extremely well-respected by the team and also externally. People rightly trust her, and no one is more knowledgeable in the recruitment field. She is always calm, particularly under pressure, and has an innate sense of fairness. She constantly encourages the team and looks for new opportunities and ways to develop Rowlands. We really couldn’t have asked for a stronger or kinder leader.

What are you most looking forward to about this change?

Jeralie: I am incredibly optimistic about the future. While I will still be involved in a business that I hold close to my heart it will be in a varied capacity, focusing on strategy, business development, new initiatives and high-level recruitment. I am also excited about what this means for the team and the business; we have many plans for the future of Rowlands and this feels like such a fresh and energising move forward for everyone. Can I admit here that working a shorter week is quite appealing too? I am looking forward to focusing on other projects and achieving the much sought after work-life balance!

Georgina: I feel ready to lead the business and implement my vision, with the ongoing support of Jeralie and the hugely talented and committed team we have behind me. The acceptance and encouragement I have received from everyone has been wonderful. This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to take to the helm of a business I have helped build and love. I plan to continue ensuring that the longest-standing recruitment agency in Jersey thrives for many more years.

What does the future hold for Rowlands?

Jeralie: I was told once that there was something special about Rowlands, that it had a brightness about it. I’m clearly biased, but I completely agree. What makes Rowlands so vibrant is, and always has been, the people we employ. We have a team that pulls together, supports each other, and genuinely cares about clients and candidates. This is the underlying strength of Rowlands. It’s not a complicated thing, but is valuable, and takes a lot of care to build - it’s easy to say that people matter, but to show it in your everyday behaviours takes real commitment. This is something I know Georgina understands deeply at her core. Her progression now means that not only is the business secure, but other members of the team will have room to advance and grow. We are all focused on supporting Georgina as she rolls out plans to enhance our services to clients and candidates across the board.

Georgina: I have ambitious plans to expand and enhance all of our services for both clients and candidates. This includes everything from developing easier and more efficient CV handling and interview feedback, to improving candidate experience throughout their job search journey. We will also be looking at new ways to attract talent, supporting our clients in areas that currently are understaffed as well as enhanced communications with clients to keep them updated on the recruitment market. Investment in technology is going to be a key part of this, to keep us ahead of changes in the market. Importantly though, some things won’t change – namely our commitment to developing meaningful partnerships and growing our exceptional team, enabling them to keep doing what they do best.

What one piece of advice would you offer each other for the future?

Jeralie: I think the advice I would most like to offer is to remember ‘The Window & The Mirror’. When things are going well look out the window - the team around you, the people you interact with and the market, while appreciating the positive impact they have made. When things are not going well, look in the mirror and ask ‘what can I change, what do I need to start or stop doing?’ This has always helped me to avoid complacency, to be accountable and kept me focused on continuously evolving the business. I find this perspective energising – by focusing on what I can control, I am inspired to find creative solutions. Aside from this piece of advice, I would most like to say to Georgina to have fun and enjoy!

Georgina: This is a tricky one to answer when the advice and guidance given to me by Jeralie during my ten years with Rowlands has been so fantastic! I would like to assure Jeralie that the business is in good, safe hands and with my vision and support, we will reach new recruitment heights in Jersey. She has built a remarkable company with an outstanding reputation and I fully intend on continuing and building upon her legacy. On a personal note though, my advice for Jeralie would be to make sure she enjoys her new shorter week!!