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Remote working, week 1 - Maggie Meiklejohn

Week 1 of remote working done! It has been a very different, somewhat challenging but overall a fun week for our team.​

I have, for the past few weeks, been project managing the remote setup for Team Rowlands. It has meant weeks of researching, installing, practising, and correcting to get it working perfectly and I am pleased to say that things are now operating very smoothly and all our recruitment services are available - it is business as usual albeit I have a slightly better view out of my window and when I fancy a coffee ...I only have to make one!

In the interests of total transparency, I have to say I did have doubts on day 1! I started the day full of anticipation; I had a very sensible To Do list to get through, my newly set up home office was looking very smart. I was eager to get started. Then....the notifications started. In reality my first day was spent watching these notifications ping up on all my devices and screens.

Fast forward a few more days and things have settled down to a very efficient way of working. I have even worked out how to manage my notifications and now look forward to seeing all of the chat messages from the team which include amazing pictures of their ‘commute’ to work and hilarious GIF's, all which make me smile and continue to make me feel very connected and what I do!

We’re now using some great apps and systems that a few weeks ago I barely knew existed. Other suppliers have also changed the way they work to make remote working possible. We also have a fully electronic registration process and of course all interviews, updates and general advice calls are completed by phone or video call. The DBS (Criminal check) is one of these, allowing us to sight documentation through a video call.

We are very grateful for "Dan, our IT guy” and would like to offer a massive shout out to all the amazing IT people out there. I can only imagine the workload to get their teams up and running so that we can all continue to work effectively and securely from home (at a safe distance from each other).

From an operations viewpoint I would say that Week 1 of WFH has been hugely successful. I hope that it has been the same for everyone else and would love to hear your experience or share advice.

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