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Relocating to Jersey and why you will love it!

​Relocating to Jersey: Top 10 things you will love

Making the decision to move to an entirely different part of the British Isles will never be easier than when you’re considering Jersey. A beautiful island just off England’s South Coast, it’s one of the most desirable places to settle down​

Low tax rate

As a Crown Dependency, Jersey is able to set its own tax rates. Currently, the personal income rate is set at an attractive 20%, with no higher bands. As an added bonus, there’s no capital gains tax or inheritance tax.

High end products

Value added tax (VAT) is not levied in Jersey, so you’ll find that most luxury goods are considerably cheaper to buy here than they would be in the United Kingdom. In fact, many people pay an annual visit for that very reason.


Jersey enjoys a very high standard of living, and offers some of the most exquisite gourmet cuisine in the world. Despite the fact that it’s just nine miles by five, the island boasts four Michelin-starred restaurants.

Easy access to the continent

France is just an hour away by boat, and there are plenty of daily flights to other stunning continental locations available from Jersey Airport.​

The climate

Thanks to its southerly location and the shelter provided by the Bay of St. Malo, Jersey is generally warmer and sunnier than elsewhere in the United Kingdom.

The job market

Jersey is small, but the job market is thriving, particularly in the financial sector. In fact, financial services make up 42% of the annual GVA, so there are many attractive jobs on offer.​

The family-friendly atmosphere

Jersey is a perfect place to raise children. There are numerous good schools across the island, and crime statistics show that it’s one of the safest places in the British Isles.

The scenery

From the beautiful golden sands of St. Brelade’s Bay to the rolling green countryside which makes up the inland, Jersey is stunning from top to bottom.

The history

Jersey has a long and rich history, something which is still evident today. Just take a tour of Elizabeth Castle – a defensive castle dating from the 16th century – or the Jersey War Tunnels – over 1 km of tunnels constructed during World War Two.

The community

Jersey is small, but the community atmosphere means that you’ll make plenty of new friends in no time at all.

Few locations would feel quite so like home while also offering such undeniable advantages. Read 7 amazing facts about Jersey.