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How a recruitment partner can help you in 2023

​Looking for a new role can sometimes seem like a full-time job, trawling through job advertisements, completing countless application forms, tweaking CVs, writing cover letters, and getting ready for interviews. It's a huge task; depending on your circumstances and reasons for wanting a change, it can also be an emotional rollercoaster – even if you are excited about moving. Having the proper support during times of transition can make all the difference.

While everyone can search for jobs online now, there are some excellent reasons why many people are committed to working with a recruitment agency, in the case of Rowlands, a recruitment partner. Here are some reasons why candidates trust Rowlands as their chosen recruitment partner to support their career progression!

1. Time savings

The typical job seeker can spend around 11 hours each week reviewing job advertisements – that’s 1.5 working days! This is a significant time commitment, especially if you already have a full-time job and need to balance other life obligations. This workload is considerably reduced when you work with a recruiter like Rowlands. You have access to our group of specialists who understand your needs, are well-versed in the current market and spend all day matching clients and applicants. Working with us can also save you a lot of time when it comes to completing application forms and cover letters. Because we know what works, our insights often ensure that candidates are invited to interview for positions they might not have been considered for.

2. Personalised guidance

At Rowlands we invest the necessary time in getting to know you personally and professionally. Our aim is to understand exactly what you want in a new role, what you want to avoid and your goals for your future professional development, even taking into account your life and happiness. For example, is hybrid or flexible working important for your family commitments? Are training and progression more important to you right now than financial factors? Once we understand what matters to you, we can also propose roles or companies you may not have thought of or even realised existed. We then work to ensure you are presented in the best way possible. For example, are you emphasising the relevant abilities on your CV? Do you submit applications for jobs for which you are overqualified? A good recruitment partner will be thoroughly aware of the job market in your particular field and know precisely what businesses are looking for!

3. Exclusive access

Positions that aren't advertised or online are known as being in the ‘hidden job market’. In fact, it's estimated that up to 70% of roles are never advertised or made public. This is where we come in. In our experience these hidden roles are often discussed with us in the first instance, because our clients know that we have a thorough understanding of their organisation and know exactly what they're looking for in a candidate. It is for this reason that most of our clients prefer to deal with us exclusively. Because we often manage the first stage of the selection process for them, you can increase the number of positions you have access to when you register with us.

4. Insider knowledge

It can be difficult to learn everything you need about a company before an interview simply by reviewing its website or employees' LinkedIn pages. You want to know as much as possible, including the corporate tone and priorities of the business. While some organisations are pretty good at communicating this online, some keep a lower profile, making research and preparation challenging. This is another area where a recruiter's advice is beneficial. Our recruitment partners are in constant contact with our clients, learning about their company's culture and values and pinpointing precisely what they are looking for in a new hire. This is the sort of insight we can share with you prior to the interview to give you the best chance of appearing knowledgeable and well-prepared.

5. Valuable feedback

It can be disappointing to hear that you weren't selected for a job after the nervous excitement of an interview, especially if you believe everything went well. It's considerably harder if you're going through the hiring process alone and have no way of finding out why you were passed up. When you decide to work with Rowlands, we provide specific feedback about your performance during your interview, so you understand exactly what went right or wrong. Every job interview becomes an opportunity to improve your technique even if you don't get the job.

6. Long-term support

We are proud to say that many of our candidates have worked with us throughout their careers. This is because we genuinely care about their advancement and helping them to build lives that make them happy! As we get to know the individuals who work with us, we always keep an eye out for opportunities that may be suitable for them and expertly monitor the job market so that they don’t need to. This sort of long-term, caring relationship is what we always aim for at Rowlands. Read our blog on common myths about recruiters debunked.

If you are considering a change of role in 2023, get in touch with our team today on 626777 or email