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Rowlands launch new lifestyle-based job search

  • Publish Date: Posted almost 2 years ago

​Only a decade ago, working from home seemed like the pipe dream of IT visionaries - we might have been able to do it technically, however that didn't translate into real life. The last two years have made flexible or remote working more possible and more psychologically comfortable. People have got used to it because they had to, meaning workplaces have had to evolve rapidly.

Things like the flexibility of hours and location are now the number one priority for candidates looking for a job. This desire can be driven by the need to care for family, have a healthier work-life balance or travel less for sustainability reasons. Equally, some people prefer having a dedicated workspace where they can be part of a physical team and keep work life and home life separate. It has become clear that employers that provide these options do better with talent attraction and retention. As a result, many businesses are now considering working arrangements when they recruit for a new role.

This is why we have updated the functionality on our website to incorporate new options! Our upgraded job search allows you to filter through roles based on the working style available for each. So, whether you prefer to work from home, at the office or a bit of both, it's now easier than ever to find your ideal position. The lifestyle-based job options you can choose from include:

1. Hybrid

Hybrid working has become a buzzword since the pandemic. People generally tell us they like this option because it gives them the chance to work where they will be most effective - sometimes that's in the office, sometimes at home, or even in a cafe - it depends on the task at hand. It also allows people to manage their exposure to health risks, which is an ongoing concern. For these reasons, many employees see huge value in this model. A recent survey by Envoy showed that 77% of businesses have now opted to provide hybrid working as an option for at least some roles.

2. Remote

Remote working, where people work entirely at home or in a location that is not their employer's premises, has also become increasingly popular. From an employee perspective, this has a similar appeal to hybrid working. For employers, the added benefit of this option is the opportunity to hire talent from across the globe rather than be limited by location. We are seeing more employers looking at ways to recruit based on valuable skills rather than proximate geography, and remote working is the key to this.

3. On-site

Despite the increasing popularity of hybrid and remote working models, onsite remains best for some people and companies. Candidates looking for the onsite role may not have a home set-up that is conducive to work, or they may just really value being part of a physical team. Many people feel that after two years of lockdowns, they want less, rather than more, isolation. People who like more spontaneous collaboration rather than set meeting times often prefer this way of working.

Everyone has different priorities and needs. Our new website search function still includes all the usual details about salary, skills and contacts that you need to decide about a job – we just also now provide you with the information you need to make a decision about your life.

Rowlands is proud to be the first and only recruitment company in Jersey to offer this level of personalisation as part of our commitment to being good partners. We want to give people the tools and support they need to make choices that improve their lives!

To easily find your next career opportunity based on what matters most to you, visit visit our jobs page.