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WFH diary, silver linings - Claudia Sutton

​I would never have believed it if at the start of 2020 we were told the world will soon be grounded, you will only be permitted to leave the house for 2 hours to exercise and shop for essentials, wearing masks and keeping a distance of 2 metres from anyone at all times!

It has been a huge change for us all and one that has certainly been a logistical challenge and an emotional rollercoaster! From the initial nervous excitement 5 weeks ago as we packed up our desks to head home setting up the new ‘office’, to the fear that set in once lockdown was announced which is when the reality of this global pandemic started to really sink in, and to now, a slightly calmer place of acceptance as this routine establishes itself as the ‘new norm’.

While the fact of the situation cannot be ignored, I have found that focusing on the positives and reflecting on what I can learn and gain from this situation to be so helpful. With this in mind, for my WFH diary I wanted to share some of my ‘silver linings’ from life in lockdown:

Alone but not lonely

I am not usually someone that loves spending time on my own and am guilty of making hundreds of plans to make sure that every minute of the day is busy. I have of course missed my friends and family and am desperate to give someone a hug! But I have been pleasantly surprised by how much I have enjoyed having this time to myself to reflect on what’s important, to consider how I want to spend my time and to connect with people in different ways. I will be delighted when social distancing is a thing of the past; however, I will now make sure that having time for myself is also on my ‘to-do’ list.​


I have been so inspired by how people have come together to provide support and help others. From the thousands of people that have joined the ‘Coronavirus Jersey – Acts of kindness’ Facebook to Captain Tom who’s incredible 100thBirthday walk has raised over 28 million and counting! I have met neighbours for the first time in years during the weekly ‘Clap for our carers’ and have found people no longer look away when you pass them in the street, instead giving you a big smile and a ‘good afternoon’ or ‘hello’. This crisis has shown us how interconnected we all are on a global scale and how the smallest acts of kindness in our communities can make a hugely positive impact to people’s lives.

Working in new ways

Businesses have had to adjust dramatically to the current situation and while devastating for many, it’s brilliant to see the innovation and creativity that it has also sparked. New websites like which means you can order a delivery coffee, salad and a fresh lobster to your front door, all while booking your next online Hot Pod yoga class, signing up for the next group online meditation with Awareful or starting the next chapter of the Resilience Development online programme - all such brilliant initiatives!

Many of our clients have continued to recruit and are using innovative methods to interview and onboard new employees. I am so grateful that thanks to technology, I can continue to work from home and keep connected with my team. While it’s a challenging employment market at the moment, there are still new opportunities being created every day. It’s the time to embrace change, to think outside the box and be proactive.

While I appreciate that my lockdown conditions are ‘privileged’ and there are many suffering greatly during this time, I want to remain optimistic and hope that these insights give you inspiration to reflect on some of your own ‘silver linings’. I’d love to hear about them if so.