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Is temp work the right choice for me?

​If you’re thinking of doing some temp work, you’re in good company! Some of the most successful entrepreneurs of our time started out as temps. Steve Jobs and Bill Gates began their illustrious careers as interns, Steven Spielberg worked for free at Universal Studios, and Ursula Burns interned during the holidays at Xerox while still at university before going on to become its CEO, and the first African-American woman to head a Fortune 500 company.

This is one of the most exciting aspects of temping – you don’t know where the possibilities will take you. At the least you’ll have a few weeks or months’ valuable experience for your CV, at the most doors will be opened for you to places you really want to go.

Try before you buy

Temping enables you to test the water and find out if an industry or company is really for you before you commit to a permanent position. This can be particularly helpful for school leavers or graduates who are just beginning to get experience of the world of work. It makes sense to gain valuable work experience (and cash!) while you make your mind up about your next steps – and the process will often give you insights that help you make your decision that much faster.

Good stopgap

Another key trend emerging in the job market is the demand for freedom and flexibility. More people are taking extended breaks from traditional working environments to travel and/or freelance. Temping can be a good stopgap between bouts of travelling, and an ideal way to fund your next adventures.

Getting back into work

At any stage of your career, whether you’re getting back into the world of work after a break, are facing redundancy, or simply want to try something new, temping gives you the opportunity to have a go and see what you make of a particular field or company, without requiring any long-term commitment on your part.

It’s easy to feel at sea when making decisions about your career. Temping through an agency ensures you don’t have to go it alone, as there are always advisers and employment experts to speak to who can offer you free guidance on your next steps. This might mean lining up new temping opportunities or helping you take the next steps into permanent employment.

Build up a valuable network of contacts

In a community as connected as Jersey’s, temping lets you build up a valuable network of contacts, which could serve as a springboard to future opportunities. If you’re looking for permanent work within a particular sector, you may find that a phone call comes several months after you temped somewhere, offering you exactly what you want. This is why it can be a good idea to temp until you get your dream job if a permanent position isn’t available immediately.

If you would like to find out more on temping and the current opportunities available, contact our team of Recruitment Consultants today.