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The value of a trusted recruitment partner

​Ask around the Rowlands office what we love most about our work, and the answer that comes up again and again is the feeling that we’ve made a difference to someone’s life. There’s really nothing like that moment when all the hard work of our candidate, client and team pays off and we get to make that phone call to say: “you’ve got the job!”​

We’re passionate about making this happen day in, day out for our candidates and clients – it’s what drives us, and while the recruitment market is changing due to the rise of headhunting, incentivised referrals and exclusively online portals, we’ll continue to provide a service that positively changes people’s lives and businesses, in a way that’s unique to advisory and consultancy agencies.

As a recruitment consultancy firm, we provide a fully comprehensive service that includes on-going support, pre-employment screening, psychometric testing, alongside specialist advisory services for businesses and job-seekers alike. Ultimately, it’s our job to add value to both our clients’ businesses and to our candidates’ job searches, and this is what sets us apart from other recruitment methods.​

We’re by your side every step of the way

If you’re looking for a new opportunity, we’re passionate about being with you every step of the way – from your initial meeting with us where we listen while you tell us what you’re looking for, to the phone calls when we’re finalising your new placement, and beyond that too! Looking for a new job is exciting but, as with any big change, it’s helpful to have someone on your side giving you support and reassurance when you need it.

We take the work and stress out of job seeking

Practically, we know that looking for a new job is a job in itself, so we take the stress out of your search and coordinate it, filtering through vacancies based on your preferences and instantly communicating them to you. This gives you the peace of mind that you’re never missing out on opportunities – because you know we’re always on the case for you!

We make sure your applications are targeted

We’ve seen that a job search can be quite deflating for candidates if you’re sending out CV after CV and not hearing anything back. We can review your CV and suggest any ways it can be improved, and we’ll also make sure you’re only put forward for jobs that we both agree are suited to your preferences and skills.

We provide invaluable insights

We invest time in our clients to establish a close working relationship, which means we can provide you with deeper insights about their business. So if you do decide to apply, we can also speak with them and really bring your CV to life, which will certainly increase your chance of getting to interview. We will also thoroughly brief you for the interview itself and hold practice interviews if you’d like, and if it doesn’t work out, we’ll get constructive feedback for you beyond generic responses, so you know how best to approach your next interview.

We’re focussed on long-term, positive relationships and retention

Our long-term focus means integrity is our operating principle throughout the whole process: from targeting the right candidates, to advising clients on recruitment strategy in the face of job market developments. Strong relationships are fundamental to our role, so our loyalty to you as our candidate and client is central. This focus has resulted in our main source of referral being word of mouth: 70% of the people we placed in new roles in 2015 were known or recommended to us, showing the value of having a skilled mediator. This leads us on to…

We provide skilled mediation

At the heart of excellent recruitment is the human factor – we meet with people, build trust and relationships and balance two (or more) parties’ interests, encouraging a successful outcome.

As we really get to know both clients and candidates, we can use this thorough knowledge of what you’re looking for (which sometimes only becomes clear when you talk it through with us!) to facilitate the right introductions.

Having invested the time to really understand the requirements of our candidates and clients, we can highlight opportunities that might not have considered before opening up a whole new range of exciting possibilities for both parties.

Our aim is to match people with jobs that are a genuinely good fit – Something they’ll enjoy and be successful at. With over 40 years of experience in the recruitment world, we have a clear understanding of workplace cultures, candidate psychology and the hiring process – all of which we use to make sure our clients and candidates are as happy as they can be! Click here to find out more about our team.