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How businesses can benefit from hiring a temp

  • Publish Date: Posted over 7 years ago
  • Author: Sue Pallot

​It’s no wonder that following the recession, temping was the first area of employment that grew. Having a flexible workforce enables companies to adapt to their current needs, relieving the pressure in busy departments through peak times, absence or growth.

Flexible workforce

Most businesses experience fluctuations of demand throughout the year, which may or may not be anticipated! You might need an extra pair of hands every so often – which temping obviously provides you with – until demand stabilises again. Similarly, hiring a temp is ideal if your business is experiencing short-term growth but is unable to take on new permanent staff at that time.

Manage projects

Just as you may need a flexible workforce to cope with sudden expansion or increase in demand, you may also need higher numbers of staff to deliver specific projects – whether that includes taking some of your current team’s work off their hands through temps, or hiring temps to do a specific part of the project, which may include looking for a temp with a specific skill set. Which brings us on to….​

Fill a skills gap

Certain skills can be needed within business, but not always on a year-round basis. For example, you could need a helping hand with web design, and what better way to complete this project other than with a temporary digital whizz! You might not need to hire on a long term, but a well-placed temp can fill a skills gap beautifully.​

Explore a working relationship before hiring

Hiring the right people is absolutely central to the success of a business. Sometimes you might want to see if a working relationship will work out with a potential employee before committing to a full-time contract – by hiring on a temporary contract first, both you and the temp can see what a working relationship would look like in reality before committing.​

Manage/cover absence

If a team member is on extended leave, hiring a temp can make sure that your business keeps operations going in their absence. Even at short notice, a temp can come in for a day or so to cover unexpected absences.​

Get a fresh perspective

Just as it is from an employee’s perspective, businesses never know where temping will take them. You may find someone who initially came in for a few days cover who goes on to become an absolute asset to your business. New people bring new ideas – especially temps who may not necessarily have experience in your sector.​

With current shifts in Jersey’s job market, we expect to see an increase in the demand for temps on the part of businesses, and demand for temporary positions on the part of employees.

We will work with you each step of the way to ensure that, whatever you want to get out of the temping process, the process is a stepping-stone to where you want to go.