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Expert to host business culture workshop

  • Publish Date: Posted over 7 years ago

​Rowlands Recruitment invited members of their Recruitment Forum to attend two special seminars with Business Consultant and Founder of Woodworks Consulting, Andrew Wood on 29th and 30th September.

The sessions focused on how organisations can cultivate a positive work culture and engagement between employees. This can have a direct impact on employee happiness, retention levels, customer satisfaction levels and profitability, factors that can add value to the business. Andrew discussed the four common connections shared between businesses that demonstrate great culture and engagement:

Connection between employees

Employees across all levels share values and behave consistently. This can be built upon through actively engaging in conversations to create stronger relationships and the establishment of a shared goal to work towards.

Connection to organisational purpose

Employees feel their work contributes towards something bigger than their individual role through a shared long term goal such as reducing the company’s environmental impact.​

Connection to work

While leaders set clear expectations and goals, employees are trusted with the freedom to find the best way to achieve goals.​

Connection to leaders

There is a good level of trust and mutual respect between the employers and employees.​

Andrew explained the first steps of transforming culture including creating a cultural statement which can be referred to when considering any part of the employee experience, such as defining new processes. He then shared examples of the various ways a cultural statement can be implemented through small changes such as dress codes and work environment, and discussed the workplace culture transformation of large organisations including Netflix, Virgin and Pixar.

Andrew Wood, commented:

“Working cultures that create engagement for employees also create better customer experiences and value for businesses and shareholders; so much so that engagement and culture should be high up on the list of every leadership team. Stronger connections between colleagues, leaders, purpose and day-to-day work drives engagement through conscious, plain English communication. This allows organisations to build autonomy at every interaction and improve their business as a whole.”

Managing Director of Rowlands Recruitment, Jeralie Pallot, commented:

“As a small Island, Jersey businesses only have access to limited number of professionals to fill a large number of job roles. While building a great work culture can empower employees and have a noticeable effect on profitability, it can also play a big part in recruiting the right kind of candidates. We’ve noticed how a good work culture has become increasingly important for both businesses wanting to attract and retain their employees and individuals looking for their dream job. As Andrew highlighted in his sessions, people want to work in a business with a clear purpose and with individuals who match their values. As passionate recruitment experts, we’re committed to making honest matches based on more than just having the right skills, we also consider personality, values and goals. The knowledge gained from Andrew’s session will further strengthen and develop the recommendations we are able to make to both clients and candidates going forward.”