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Returning to work in Jersey

​Homeward bound: Why a return to Jersey could work for you

Many people born in Jersey spend significant stretches of time off-Island to work, study or travel, and sometimes a temporary move from the Island can become something more permanent. A common destination for many islanders is, of course, London.

If you’ve made the move to London, or any city in the UK and beyond, but wonder what it would be like to live in Jersey again, or are concerned about what sort of impact moving back might have on your career and/or standard of living, here are some helpful things to bear in mind.​

One of Jersey’s major selling points is its work/life balance and you really do get a renewed appreciation of just how enviable it is after stretches of time away. The UK is developing an increasingly long-hours culture, with the number of employees working more than 48 hours a week reaching 3,417,000 in 2015. Especially as we go into summer, you might find yourself thinking twice about working hour after hour in a hot office in the city!​

In Jersey on the other hand, a largely empty office by 6pm is the norm rather than the exception. Just imagine: leaving the office at 5.45, driving 5 minutes to the beach and taking in the beautiful views to unwind after work. Hour-long commutes every day really can’t compete…and don’t forget our amazing restaurants, the undeniably gorgeous natural beauty and the ability to escape and unwind in St Malo or the Ecréhous for the day.

Are you tempted to come back yet?

So of course the golden question is: will I have enough money to be able to enjoy this enviable work/life balance? Moving from London, I was also worried I’d have to take a salary reduction and it absolutely wasn’t the case. While the cost of living is relatively high in Jersey, wages here reflect this and employers will likely match or beat your salary for an equivalent position in London. Add to this the fact that Jersey’s income tax is capped at 20% and middle earners pay less income tax than they would in the UK, and you will likely find yourself better off in Jersey than in London.

​Another cause for concern for a lot of people is whether they will find a job in Jersey that is as interesting/with as much scope for professional development as they would in London or another major city. While it’s true that as one of the biggest business and finance hubs in the world London has a lot to offer, there’s also the flipside of being in such a huge, fiercely competitive and at times anonymous job market. In Jersey, there are also major companies operating at a world-leading level, particularly in finance, and if you have the experience and qualifications (or are willing to work towards them), then you can really go far.

There is also no shortage of jobs here, so rest-assured there are opportunities waiting for you. The job market in Jersey is very buoyant and there’s high demand for skilled employees at all levels, from recent graduates right up to executive level.

As the UK enters a period of post-Brexit uncertainty, it’s encouraging to remember that Jersey is enjoying financial stability, and there is an optimistic outlook here.

There aren’t many places in the world where you can combine an exciting career and the ability to unwind and really make the most of island life. Sometimes there really is no place like home!