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Our job trends for 2016

​The job market continues to evolve, and staying ahead of the game always pays off. Some trends will only be of interest to those working in specific industries, but many are likely to prove surprisingly wide-ranging in their impact. Here are our top trends to look out for during the coming year.

Remote possibilities

Working from home used to be the dream, but it’s now becoming ever more normal. Technological advances have meant that more and more people can work just as effectively away from the office. Businesses love it since they can cut down on office space requirements; employees love it because they can eliminate their commute and spend more time with their families. With these benefits in mind, the trend away from offices and towards working from home is only likely to pick up pace.​

A freelancing future

Just as the internet has increased the number of remote positions, it has also allowed more people to leave behind the traditional 9-to-5 and go freelance, instead engaging in supplementary, temporary, or project-based work. This is a trend likely to continue during 2016; in fact, according to Forbes, one in two people in both the United Kingdom and the United States could be working as a freelancer by 2020.

Good things, small packages

Millennial workers have now entered the job market, but they’re looking for something different. While money remains an important concern, these employees are likely to respond to a greater sense of responsibility and wider number of opportunities, both of which are often given in smaller companies and start-ups. In spite of their potential instability, these companies appeal to younger workers more than a larger corporate entity.

Internal interest

As workers become more mobile and able to work for several companies at once, employers are becoming more motivated to keep their current team together for as long as possible. It is expected that there will be a greater emphasis on training and a greater focus upon providing additional opportunities. With that in mind, it makes sense that many experts are predicting that 2016 will see a rise in the number of roles provided only for internal applicants.

It’s impossible to say precisely how the job market will change during 2016, but these shifts have been gathering speed for some time, and it’s likely that their impact will continue to be felt after 2015 has finished.