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David Lemasney

Recruitment ConsultantRecruitment Consultant - Rowlands Recruitment

David moved to Jersey in 2001 after growing up in Switzerland. A sports fanatic, David comes from a background of physiotherapy, after graduating from Cardiff University in 2013. He worked as a private physiotherapist for five years before embarking on his career in recruitment.

David’s unique background and skillset offers Rowlands an added perspective to their recruitment process. He is a strong communicator with experience of working within a confidential environment, both of which are essential when sourcing and identifying the right job for the right person.

Why I love what I do?

Working in recruitment has always been a great attraction for me. From meeting candidates and clients, to making a positive change in a person’s employment and future career ambitions. It is a job where I can fully utilise my communication, problem-solving and teamwork skills to make a real and immediate difference to people’s working lives.

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