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Posted 10 months ago

  • Sector: Legal
  • Job Ref: 40553

A new and unique vacancy available for an individual who is highly experienced in intellectual property and also has the ability to communicate in the Arabic language, to be part of a commercial organisation to assist with intellectual property and trademarks related matters.

This role will involve assisting senior management with legal matters, including reviewing legal documents, investigation of files and facts, liaison with other employees if and when needed, editing of documents and finalising contracts and other legal documents.

Please note that all enquiries for this must be made directly with the company's representative, Janice Callander, at the email address: or telephone +44 1534 714322.

Responsibilities will include:

  • Assisting the Group General Counsel (Head of Legal Department), who supervises all legal matters of the client and its related entities to ensure overall smooth functioning of business with its day to day activities

  • Preparing, reviewing, discussing and finalising contracts and legal documents concerning business projects, financial project management, intellectual property and trademark related matters

  • Performing multifaceted and sensitive administrative and corporate secretarial activities for and on behalf of the senior management

  • Providing documentation support, processing information, reviewing, proofreading and editing documents and handling correspondence independently

  • Continuously coordinating, liaising, supporting and following up with legal consultants within Kuwait and outside on the intellectual property and trademark-related matters

  • Preparing for notarisation of documents, witnessing of the relevant documents as and when required, arranging legalisation as and when required and arranging translation of documents

Experience and skills required:

  • Minimum 10 years’ experience working in the intellectual property legal sector

  • Working knowledge of the Arabic language (ability to read, write and speak) to work with documents that are in Arabic and communicate with some members of the management where, at times, the only language of communication is Arabic

  • Experience dealing with senior management and assistance to maintain and ensure a high level of accountability, responsibility, confidentiality and sensitivity in all personnel and official business matters

If you’d like to find out more information about this opportunity, please email the company's representative, Janice Callander, at the email address: Janice.Callander@iqeq.comor telephone +44 1534 714322.