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    Driving Employee Engagement

    29th November, 2017

    Employee wellbeing is a vital component of a healthy workplace, improving employee engagement, job satisfaction, productivity and happiness. An effective employee engagement strategy can enable a business to run more effectively as employees work together better and bring greater innovation to their projects.

    Employers who do not take notice of employee engagement are likely to experience a higher rate of sickness absence and also turnover.

    How can employers can boost engagement?

    • Offer training on top of on-the-job style learning and shadowing of existing staff – this can be specifically related to their job area or more general training to improve skills such as resilience
    • Create a positive culture – team building activities and social events encourage different teams to interact and help to strengthen relationships
    • Offer ongoing development and training – pay attention to each employees individual goals and needs
    • Ensure good management – recognise employees efforts and provide constructive feedback
    • Provide flexible working conditions

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